Introducing REIP Nexus - your industry backed and owned CMA and market insights tool

Helping you drive your real estate business with your data.​
Carmen Vicelich, Founder and Global CEO of Valocity is with Sadhana Smiles, CEO of the Real Estate Industry Partners for the launch of joint venture REIP Nexus.

What is REIP Nexus?

REIP and Valocity, have combined in a joint venture to deliver a best-in-class CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and marketing insights tool, REIP Nexus. REIP Nexus is your industry partner, providing the latest data and digital workflow solutions to transform how you interact with your customers. It enables the industry to use and leverage our own ‘on the ground’ and more diversified ‘in the field’ data. 

An innovative new solution, REIP Nexus will provide the real estate industry with a genuine point of difference in the marketplace, including relevant live listing data, settled, and sold data, with future inclusions of appraisal and off market data.

We have collaborated closely with Valocity to ensure this solution is vastly different, enabling agents and clients to have a better outcome, increase value, create digital efficiency, and truly transform the process of buying and selling real estate.

Why REIP Nexus? 

REIP Nexus is the first industry backed and owned market insights tool that will see control and protection over our data, putting it in the hands of the people who captured and created it.

Shifting this paradigm will allow us to be smarter about how we use our data and intrinsically increase the value of our data, especially when it is unique. 

REIP Nexus delivers customised and configurable data solutions that transform the customer experience while future proofing our industry.

REIP Nexus is about:

  • The real estate industry working together to protect our data and deliver value back to the industry.
  • Introducing innovation to key real estate processes, including digital connection to our customers to deliver a more seamless and digital real estate experience.
  • Ensuring we have the most up to date and relevant data on our industry CMAs to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.
  • Creating new and unique industry insights to allow us to add value to our own brands and customers. 
  • Providing critical information to banks, valuers, government, and businesses that helps them make better decisions.

Who is behind REIP Nexus?

The Real Estate Industry Partners have partnered with Valocity, an award-winning data and technology company that combines the best of technology and data innovation to deliver a more seamless property decisioning process.  

Valocity’s world-class platform delivers customised workflows to the ecosystem of lenders, brokers, valuers and their customers in New Zealand, Australia, India and beyond. 

Well established for nearly 8 years, Valocity brings global experience in proptech and data solutions including nationwide sales and property data and digital workflows custom designed for agents.

Together, our goal is to protect and future proof our industry while delivering innovation that transforms the customer experience. Our synergistic vision and values will ensure that the real estate industry is sustainable well into the future.

How will REIP Nexus be different?

We now have the perfect solution to keep control of our own data once and for all. 

REIP Nexus looks at the three most important parts of the real estate process, the real estate agency, the real estate agents and of course our real estate customers. 

For over 25 years we have given our data to various portals and proptech companies which they have used to grow and leverage their own businesses while in turn increasing the fees for us to access data that we have been generating. 

We know that knowledge is power, and with REIP Nexus we will be able to deliver many market firsts to our members that solve long-held issues including providing new levels of transparency and automation to offices. Knowing how many CMA’s have been produced by your business is an indication of activity that may turn into listings. Automation is the answer to empowering our people, creating transparency for our clients while delivering digital efficiency and seamless workflows. 

Our agents should be able to: 

Present comparable sales that include the latest live listings

Vendor appraisals with the most up to date sold data

Use a report that they can customise for their brand

Upload documents to a central area for easy access for both agents and clients

We build ‘trusting’ relationships with clients who can have confidence in the information we provide.

Clients want to make decisions based on relevant, up to date information. What happened three months ago can make or break a relationship that agents work so hard to create. 

Clients should be able to know:

  • what is the current level of activity?
  • what does future activity look like?
  • how old are the comparable sales?
  • what are the current buyer demographics?
  • will a property like mine be attractive to them? 

Agents using REIP Nexus will be able to present current, relevant, and more diversified data they can trust – information critical to the successful sale of their property.

How can you start using REIP Nexus?

Simply by being a REIP member and loading your listings to the REIP portal, you have access to the freemium level of REIP Nexus.

Enterprise agreements are available if you wish to take advantage of some of the enhanced features mentioned above as well as the ability to design a bespoke CMA for your brand and potential integration with your existing core processes.

If your agency would like to access the customisable modules to increase your customers’ experience, register your interest using the button below or get in touch with REIP CEO, Sadhana Smiles or call her on 0403271676.


How do I know my data is protected given REIP Nexus is industry owned?

Having a trusted and specialist third party as a joint venture partner ensures that all data is locked up and protected as Valocity houses the data on their secure cloud-based platform and stringently adheres to all required data and privacy legislation.

REIP has a strongly value-driven CEO who ensures that we are all independently protected, whilst promoting the ‘greater good’ for all agents, agencies, and our industry.

Of not also is the fact that your data is already being captured and commercialised by other third parties (usually with little or no data protection for agencies and the industry) such as the portals and apps you are already using. 

Currently, this data is captured and commercialised by other parties through portals you are using with no data protection.

Does REIP Nexus have direct access to any of my clients?

REIP Nexus does not have access to your clients. We have access to properties that have been listed for lease or sales via the REIP portal, a total number of appraisals in any marketplace (volumes only), off-market listings and sales, settled/sold and leased data and other demographic data provided to us via corporate partners and government (both state-based and federal). 

To provide a point of difference CMA we need access to the above information and to enable you to have access to the best data for your customers.

Where can I get more information?

Visit this REIP Nexus on this link or get in touch with Andrew Friebe, Head of Partnerships at REIP Nexus on 0407 811 662.

We look forward to bringing REIP Nexus to our industry.