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Chief Executive Officer REIP
Chief Executive Officer

Early Years

In 2008 Sadhana founded Links Fiji – a not for profit, focused on providing pap smears to women in remote Pacific Islands and in 2012 she bought “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” to Victoria, getting 250+ men and women to walk a mile in Melbourne in high heels to support White Ribbon Australia

In 2013 Sadhana published her first book “People Power – Did You Have Them @ Hello”, a step by step guide to developing and managing performance-driven team and in 2016 Sadhana wrote “I Want What She’s Having” a self-help journal to coach and mentor en masse, helping to discover who you are and what you stand for.

In 2013 Sadhana was named the Victorian Telstra Business Women of the Year, was named AFR/WBC One Hundred Women of Influence in Australia in 2016, and in 2017 Sadhana won the Victorian Leader/Manager of the Year with Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Sadhana led Harcourts Victoria to become the leading business unit globally within the group, the fastest franchise group in Australia, successfully increasing their market share over their competitors. 

In 2017 she became a joint venture partner with Harcourts Group Australia in a Property Management business, Harcourts Move and in 2018 she saw an opportunity for a global role focusing on the investment sector going through rapid change.

In 2020 Sadhana took on the CEO role for the Real Estate Industry Partners with the purpose to unite the real estate industry to support the Australian economy and ensure the people working in the industry are working collaboratively to build a sustainable property future. 

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