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REIP Industry Pulse – July 2021

Welcome to this month’s REIP Industry Pulse.

June has seen further lockdowns across the country and states opening and shutting borders. There is one constant in all of this – there is no guarantee from week to week of anything. Like many of you, I have cancelled many flights over the last month, however, I am hoping that I will be able to have my week in Noosa at the end of July.

Last month, we asked if you thought the real estate industry had hit its peak – and 82% of you said no. The Big 4 banks agree, so it will be interesting to see where the market goes!

Over the coming months, you will start to see a new look and feel on our website and in our newsletters. We do hope you like the new format and it makes for easier reading and navigation.

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Market update

REIP Market Insights

By the end of the FY21 financial year, annual property growth hit 13.5% – the highest annual growth since April 2004. House values rose by 15.6% and units by 6.8%, however, the data suggest growth may be starting to lose some momentum. 

Tim Lawless and I also discuss the narrowing gap between regional Australia and the Capital cities, continued low levels of new listing stock and the uplift in rental values. 

Partner update

Settle Easy
Settle Easy

Settle Easy, Australia’s number 1 online conveyancing platform isn’t described as the ‘Uber for conveyancing’ for nothing. Settle Easy offers an online army of conveyancers who are disrupting traditional services with their fast, transparent and flexible approach. 

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Kylie Walsh from REGROWTH. The team at REGROWTH specialise in helping agents maximise their potential through professional development. Along with key areas of growth, they also provide coaching to help you get there. We look forward to bringing training sessions with Kylie to our members starting in August, so watch this space!

The Real Estate Voice – we write for real estate and take the hard work out of writing any content you need – whether it be articles for your blogs, newsletters or social media posts, profiles for your team or quarterly market reports, we write for real estate so you don’t have to. With a range of content solutions, discover how you can build your agency brand with the right option to suit your business. 

Not an REIP Member yet?

Join today for FREE and access exclusive discounts and offers from our partners.

News & Education

On the 23rd of June, Kevin Anderson MP, Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation advised that the NSW Government had started the process to appoint the first Property Services Commissioner.

The first priority of the Commissioner will be to make recommendations on how to improve and streamline services delivered by the regulator to agents, property service professionals and consumers. 

This is great news for our industry and an encouraging step towards improved collaboration across the entire real estate sector.

The Property Council of Australia has labelled the latest Federal Government Intergenerational report a ‘wake-up call’ for policymakers on the importance of population growth and increased productivity to Australia’s economy.

The Property Council has been calling on governments to upscale quarantine and border processing capacity to avoid the long-term economic consequences of idling population growth.

The report states that amongst other plans, we need to be investing in the right infrastructure, fixing housing affordability, reforming archaic planning systems, phasing out stamp duty, and getting zoning right.

Record-low interest rates and surging property prices in Australia have fuelled buyers’ fear of missing out (FOMO), since the pandemic was declared in March 2020. 

But with the cost of renting closing in on that of standard mortgage repayments and demand for housing stock continuing to outstrip supply, TINA (there is no alternative) is fast becoming an equally motivating factor.

Surging property prices that are fuelling the national and multinational housing affordability crisis are leading many first-time homebuyers to a trusted financial source: The Bank of Mum and Dad. 

Analysts note that in the March quarter, 60 per cent of first-home buyers received substantial financial assistance from Mum and Dad and DFA suggests that the Bank of Mum and Dad has become the country’s ninth biggest lender, behind Suncorp. 

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REIP Industry Pulse – June 2021

Welcome to this month’s REIP Industry Pulse.

If this is the first time receiving this newsletter, it’s because you’re a valued member of Real Estate Industry Partners.

You may not have heard about REIP yet – we are focused on creating a sustainable industry for all of our futures.

Our goals are to influence, unite and empower the industry, and by simply being a part of REIP, you will have access to a wide range of free products and services to keep our industry growing. You can find out more about the REIP on our website

May has been another action-packed month for our industry and despite the current lockdown in Victoria, auction withdrawal rates are half what we’ve seen compared to previous lockdowns, auction clearance rates remain healthy and properties continue to be snapped up quickly. 

On average, national property values remain on the rise with a 2.2% increase in May, and for the first time in a while, we are seeing capital city prices start to outpace our regional markets. 

Data suggests first home buyer interest is starting to wind down, and investors are starting to come back. In March, growth in investor lending was the fastest it’s been since 2013, however, right now, the largest buyer demand is coming from non-first home buyers looking to either upgrade or downgrade.

Tim Lawless and I deep dive into the drivers behind these trends and the current market conditions in our latest issue of Market Insights.Have a listen below.

I’m thrilled to see that our partner has generated more than 1000 organic leads for our members in the last 30 days, which poses the question – have we reached the property peak or is there more to come? Tell us what you think in our poll below. 

I’m also excited to report that we are celebrating not one, but three key milestones for three of our partners; ListOnceSorted Services and Settle Easy who have all been recognised for their innovation in the inaugural Prop Tech Awards 2021. Congratulations to you all! 

If you’re ready to reconnect (in person!) with your real estate colleagues, grab your discounted tickets to the Re-Edge Conference being held in Melbourne in July. Use the REIP code to claim your discount. See below for full event details and more information.    

Lastly but certainly not least, as we continue to bring more value to our  REIP members through a range of businesses to bring you efficient and cost-saving products and services, this month we welcome Kylie Walsh from Regrowth to the fold.

You’ll hear more from Kylie in the coming months, so read below to find out more, and make sure you’re taking advantage of all of our partner benefits for both you and your clients. 

I hope you enjoy this month’s REIP Industry Pulse and I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you next time.

Stay safe and stay connected.

Sadhana Smiles

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Market update

REIP Market Insights

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Finger on the pulse

Tell us what you think.

Has the real estate market hit its peak?
Yes or No?

Let us know your thoughts and we’ll share the results with you next month.



Partner update

1000+ leads generated in last 30 days

All REIP members automatically qualify for free listings on and in the last month alone, these listings have generated over 1,100 organic leads!

With 15 million active followers on Facebook across more than 400 key geographical markets across Australia, can get your listings in front of a huge prospective audience.

Get your listings seen and login to the portal and update your profile. 

For more on the benefits of, watch Michael Sheargold in this short video. 

For the month of June, REIP members can take advantage of an exclusive offer to deliver even stronger results for your clients. Strictly limited to 100 offices, click here to secure this offer today.

Save 1.5 hours processing time on each tenancy application

Sorted Services’ tenancy application is fast, efficient and easy to use – for both agents and prospective tenants – and is the only digital solution that streamlines the entire tenancy lifecycle into one simple platform.

With more than 90k applications already processed, 41k properties managed and 12.7k active properties on the platform, Sorted will simplify the tenancy process and save you on average 1.5 hours per application.

Did you know?

14% of 2021 applications included pets, up by 3.6% in 2020.

REIP member listings are automatically uploaded to Sorted at no cost, so to get started simply have your tenants scan the QR code below to set up a profile and they can search and apply directly via the Sorted portal. It’s that easy!

Want to know just how easy it is? Hannah Gill talks about her experience. 

Sorted fills the lifestyle gap

Offer your clients ‘Sell Now, Pay Later’ services

When it comes to real estate, cash flow can often impact both vendors and landlords.

Convini works with real estate agents to enable them to offer a range of cash flow services to their clients including:

  • AdFund to present and market property
  • PropPay to assist landlords fund unexpected property maintenance or improvements and 
  • Deposit Pay, the most popular product to date which enables vendors to access their sale deposits as quickly as 24 hours after payment rather than 120 days

For more information, visit

Settle Easy shakes up billion-dollar conveyancing industry

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Settle Easy, Australia’s number 1 online conveyancing platform. 

Described as an ‘uber for conveyancing’, Settle Easy offers an online army of conveyancers who are disrupting traditional services with their fast, transparent and flexible approach. 

Backed by Mills Oakley law firm, their support of the industry is clear with their current special offer of 40% off for all Victorians buying or selling property – that’s $660 for a standard transaction (conditions apply).

To find out more, visit this link.

Welcome aboard…Kylie Walsh, Regrowth

A well-known name in the industry, we are thrilled to welcome Kylie Walsh as our newest REIP partner. Her experience, passion and commitment to the industry are aligned with our own and we look forward to bringing to life a series of new training sessions for our partners commencing in August….watch this space!

Find out more about Kylie and the team at Regrowth at

Exclusive REIP discounts for the Re-Edge Conference 2021

Showcasing the latest trends in the real estate industry, Re-Edge is set to take place on Friday 30 July at the Crown Conference Centre at Crown Promenade Southbank. 

Save $50 per ticket and an additional 10% when you purchase 3 or more tickets in one transaction. Use the code: REIP50 at checkout.

For more information and to book your tickets visit

Industry News

PropTech Awards

A huge congratulations to 3 of our partners for their impressive results in the PropTech Awards 2021, the first nationally co-ordinated awards for Australia’s growing property technology sector

Listonce –  Winner: Most Innovative Established Supplier in the Administration & Operations category

Sorted Services – Finalist: Property & Facilities Management in the Start-Up category 

Settle Easy – Finalist: Operations & Administration in the Start-Up category

Well-deserved recognition for the positive impact you’re having on our industry and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you all.

Remember, the REIP is here to support you so if you have a question, would like to suggest a topic for us to cover or want to know more about REIP, please get in touch.

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REIP Industry Pulse – May 2021

Welcome to this month’s REIP Pulse.

April 2021 saw Australian house values lift by 1.8% according to CoreLogic’s national home value index, with the monthly pace of capital gains easing from a 32-year high in March (2.8%).

CoreLogic also reported that 2,876 homes were taken to auction across the combined capital cities in the week ending 2 May 2021.  Of the 2,425 results collected so far, 80.4 per cent returned successful clearances.

Meanwhile, the REIP Property Portal had a record number of new Listings posted in March and April.

In this month’s Market Insights Tim Lawless and I discuss what we are seeing across each of the states in the Rentals and Sales markets, and if the pace of growth will slow anytime soon.

Here are your options to watch and/or listen to Market Insights: YouTube: (also see below)


Apple Podcast:

What is REIP and who’s involved?

Real Estate Industry Partners (‘REIP’) is a collective of real estate industry leaders who are committed to uniting and empowering the industry.

Kevin Turner from Real Estate Uncut recently interviewed several REIP directors about the objectives and importance of REIP for agencies of all sizes – and the industry as a whole. 

In this video, Kevin chats with Mike Green from Harcourts, Damian Hackett from Place Real Estate and Joel Davoren from RE/MAX about Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration and Advocacy. 

View the YouTube video here: (also see below) 

Your listings are live on Realty + Sorted!!

REIP have formed an exciting new partnership with unique social media marketing portal

If you are a registered REIP member (which by the way is free for any registered real estate agency 😊) and loading your unlimited FREE listings on to the REIP Property Portal … then your listings are also automatically loaded to … thanks to our free, 3-portal bundle for members … REIP + Realty + Onthehouse.

We’re considering all the different ways that consumers interact with property – and with over 500 geo-mapped Facebook pages with existing communities, helps gets your Listings in front of more consumers and prospects for zero additional cost.

You can also easily ‘boost’ your listings with various paid options.

I encourage you to go onto, take a good look around the social media marketing powerhouse, and ensure that all your details are correct. 

Here is a 1-minute video on to assist you: (also see below)

For further information contact REIP Support on

Trial Sorted for free and streamline your Property Management!

REIP have partnered with Sorted to provide a ‘Freemium’ property management tool for our members.

Sorted is a digital tenancy application platform that has high levels of automation and efficiency – saving your property managers on average 1 – 2 hours per processed application.  The platform provides tenants with a seamless, modern digital application experience – with smart features like automated notifications, reusable profiles, group applications, ID verification and smart property recommendations for unsuccessful applicants.

We interviewed Hannah Gill and Amy Gannon who love using the Sorted product – watch their brief testimonial videos here:

Hannah Gill: (also see below)

Amy Gannon: (also see below) 

Here is the dedicated Sorted + REIP landing page to help explain and get you get started with your free trial:

For further information contact REIP Support on

Get ‘Powered’ by REIP + ListOnce® to improve your website + data

REIP is now providing several discounted, white label ListOnce services as ‘Powered by REIP’:

1. Website Powering via APIs
Website Powering is a product that EVERY agency website and web developer needs at some stage – whether it be for your website upgrade or for a brand new website.

REIP + ListOnce provides a versatile, plug-in property search engine (and all associated functionality) for any size website and working with any developers and any CMS you choose.  Being CRM-agnostic means ListOnce also integrates neatly with all CRMs and Property Management software – and you maintain your website versatility and independence.

2. Premium Multiloading
Not just a ‘bulk uploader’, but rather a feature-rich listings management service with AdTracker, Portal Leads Capture, Portal Reporting, ReportOnce and more.

Used by some of the biggest and best brands in the industry … you should ask REIP + ListOnce why.

3. LOAD Data Integrations PlatformData mobility, aggregation and management in real estate is now critical.

LOAD is a data integrations platform which provides unlimited inbound and outbound data feeds using both XML and APIs.  Being CRM-agnostic means LOAD also integrates neatly with all CRMs and Property Management software – and you maintain your data security, flexibility and independence.

For further information contact REIP Support on

RISE conference 5.5.21

Congratulations to the Rise team who put on an outstanding conference in Melbourne this week.

The content was thought-provoking, speakers were vulnerable and authentic and it was amazing to simply re-connect face to face.  

Layne Beachley’s keynote on winning from a place of love rather than fear resonated with everyone.  Susan Alberti’s story of loss and triumph and her unbending goal for a women’s AFL team was inspirational.  The day ended with Ben Crowe speaking on the advantage of authenticity and vulnerability and being the human you want to be.

Chris Hanley launched the Real Care App – please ensure that your team have access to this.

Mental health and wellbeing is critical and this is an app that has been created by the industry, for the industry.  Thanks again to the Rise team.

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REIP Industry Pulse – Apr 2021

Welcome to our monthly insights, it seems surreal that a year ago the country was in lockdown and we were tracking virus numbers not just in Australia but globally.

A year later and as at the end of the first quarter 2021, we have seen the fastest rate of growth in the property market since October 1988. The question is how long the growth period will last before regulators step in.

Nearly two-thirds of Australia’s population have never experienced an economic slump in their working lives. Nearly half of the Australian population were not born or residents when we last dipped into recession in 1991. Income is lower and predictions are that close to 150,000 will lose their jobs this month with the end of JobKeeper.

In this month’s Market Insights, Tim Lawless from CoreLogic and I discuss the sustainability of this market.

Here are your options to watch and/or listen:

YouTube: (also below)


Apple Podcast:

Thank you for your support of Real Estate Industry Partners (‘REIP’) – providing you with Industry-driven Leadership for Industry-owned Benefit.

Don’t hesitate to contact me personally about any aspect:

Phone:      0403 271 676

Until next month, stay safe and stay connected.

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New REIP Website

Our team has been busy with industry-wide projects and initiatives that we will start to share with you, including within this edition.  Meanwhile, we are excited to launch the first version of our evolving website

Here you will find information on our ‘Why’, our partners and suppliers for your benefit, Market and Leadership Insights etc.  Any feedback always welcome.

REIP + Realty Partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership with as our official social media portal partner.

We all know of the ever-increasing costs to market our listings on traditional portals.  Realty helps address this challenge by offering leading-edge social media marketing for free or at reduced costs for boosting.

Realty now has 500+ Geo-mapped Facebook pages and over 7,000 agents actively engaged on the platform. 

As a REIP member your listings will be automatically loaded onto the Realty portal for free when you load on to REIP  Giving your listings increased organic exposure.

There’s also opportunity to quickly and simply ‘Boost’ your listing on Realty/Facebook as a paid service.

Michael Sheargold and I recently discussed what Realty provides, what this means for REIP members and how you can connect and amplify your listings on the platform.

To watch a 5-minute overview, simply click the YouTube video below:  

Catch-up with 3 REIP Directors

I am excited to share with you a unique interview that Kevin Turner from Realty Uncut recently conducted with three of our REIP directors; Mike Green (Harcourts), Joel Davoren (RE/MAX) and Damian Hackett (Place).
These three Industry Leaders share with us the objectives and ‘5 Pillars’ of REIP to help all agents and the industry.
To watch this extended video simply click the YouTube video below:

Leadership Insights with Maria & Manos Findikakis 

Maria & Manos are Founders and Directors of eView group who have also recently joined the national REIP leadership organisation.
They are Industry Leaders in their own right and I am delighted to share with you an interview with them as part of our Leadership Podcast series.
Many years ago, I read the book The Invisible Entrepreneur, by Louise Woodbury and William De Ora.  It is a book that changed how I view running a business and I have used it many times when coaching business owners.
The book explains how you can:

  • Be in the driver’s seat and be involved in the day-to-day management if that’s what you’re passionate about.
  • Take three months off (or more), allowing yourself to recharge and simply have a break while the right person runs the business when you’re away.
  • Create a turnkey business you can walk away from altogether, while it continues to generate income for you.
  • Sell your business at a much higher value than what it would be worth.
  • Develop a succession plan blueprint for you to transfer your business to the next generation or prepare for a management buyout etc.

My conversation with Maria & Manos was very much about how they have achieved many of these aspects above.  For example, they spent 6 months in Greece during COVID and their business did not miss a beat.  Today they have a global team in place – Australia, Greece, Sweden, etc and their business model, which has evolved over the years, is one that has influenced the industry positively.
Their energy and connection will jump out at you, and this is a conversation that I hope gets you thinking more about the benefits of being the ‘Invisible Entrepreneur’.
Here are your options to watch and/or listen:
YouTube: (also below)

Apple Podcast:

Rise Conference

Stress often impacts our people detrimentally more than what we realise. 
I was recently MC at a health and wellness conference run by Hayley Mitchell from MitchellPT, which hosted over 100 property managers.  In a live poll regarding the biggest causes of stress, the common answers were – team members, tenants and Directors.
Also in a recent survey of 1,000 property managers, 77% said their stress levels were very high. 
This is a very big issue we need to address to better support our people, or we will have no people!
One of REIP’s 5 Leadership Pillars is around ‘Wellbeing’ for our industry members, and we strongly support the upcoming Rise Conference.
Rise is a movement in real estate that is ‘for good’. They work to improve and grow the industry, to move away from one-dimensional chasing of transactions and GCI, towards rounded human relationships that support wellness, mindfulness and performance, great service for clients and better outcomes for teams, families and ourselves. 
The Rise Conference is in Melbourne on 5 May 2021.  You can buy tickets to attend or watch virtually.  For more information go to

REIP Products & Services for Your Agency

Membership of REIP is FREE and there’s plenty of value + benefits available right now for your agency!
If you missed our last REIP Pulse newsletter (March Edition), which outlined many of the products and services available to you, here is a link to that edition for your brief perusal:
All you need to do to join REIP, the national industry leadership group, is start loading all your listings (all types) on to the REIP portal, again all for free:

Thank you for your support of Real Estate Industry Partners (‘REIP’) – providing you with Industry-driven Leadership for Industry-owned Benefit.
For further information on organisational objectives, membership or shareholding options, don’t hesitate to call me (Sadhana) personally on 0403 271 676.

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REIP Industry Pulse – Mar 2021

The latest CoreLogic indices are out and the momentum in the Australian Housing market is seeing values rise at the fastest rate in seventeen years! Not something anyone would have predicted six months ago. 

In this month’s Market Insights, I talk to Tim Lawless about the current state of the market and what headwinds we need to watch out for. 

Or listen here:

Apple Podcasts:

Please note this is a very long edition of REIP Pulse as we have lots of information and new member offers to share with you (as honorary foundation members), so do please bear with us and don’t hesitate to contact me personally about any aspect:

Phone:      0403 271 676

Thank you in advance for your support of Real Estate Industry Partners, providing you with Industry-driven Leadership for Industry-owned Benefit.

Happy reading below.  Until next month, stay safe and stay connected.


New REIP Website

Our team has been busy with industry-wide projects and initiatives that we will start to share with you, including within this edition.  Meanwhile, we are excited to launch the first version of our evolving website
Here you will find information on our ‘Why’, our partners and suppliers for your benefit, Market and Leadership Insights etc.  Any feedback always welcome.

REIP Partnerships for the Benefit of the Industry

One of our objectives within REIP’s Five (5) Leadership Pillars is to assess the myriad products and services in the industry and provide to REIP members some of the best solutions for free or at discounted rates.  

But not just the best deals we can get for agents – but properly assessing potential service providers (Partners) against an Industry Benefit Selection Criteria – to both grow and protect our industry.

We are delighted to announce some of our initial Partners as follows: – Your Home for Property Research

REIP is partnering with Onthehouse as a research and listings portal partner to get your listings in front of more eyeballs … for free.

Onthehouse is an all-in-one real estate research site and listings portal that gives you all the information you need about homes for sale, apartments for rent, suburb insights, markets and trends to help you figure out exactly what, where, and when to buy, sell or rent.  You can also find a real estate agent, view prices of recently sold homes, see property values in your area and find inspiration for renovation.

As a REIP member your listings will be automatically loaded onto the Onthehouse portal for free when you load on to REIP  … giving your listings increased organic exposure.

To find out more go to or contact us at – Connecting you and property differently

REIP is partnering with Realty as our social media portal partner to get your listings in front of more eyeballs … for free.

Realty has the largest geo-mapped social audience in Australia, proven technology with companion app and is a free listing platform for both Sales and Rentals listings. 

As a REIP member your listings will be automatically loaded onto the Realty portal for free when you load on to REIP  … giving your listings increased organic exposure.

There’s also opportunity to quickly and simply ‘Boost’ your listing on Realty/Facebook as a paid service.

And of course, it’s easy to Unsubscribe from your free subscription with Realty if you need to. 

To find out more go to or contact us at

CoreLogic – Reliable and powerful property insights and analytics

CoreLogic is the largest provider of property information, analytics and property-related risk management services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra & Hobart.

CoreLogic have been a foundation partner for REIP since our inception and we are appreciative of their support.

As a special offer REIP Members, get 20% off when you purchase RP Data Professional or Cordell Connect (for new CoreLogic customers, or CoreLogic customers subscribing to a new product).

RP Data Professional is the leading property data solution used by property professionals in Australia. Prepare reports, generate value estimates, verify information and conduct highly targeted marketing.

Cordell Connect is an online database of fully researched construction and building project information and critical project contacts. Covers Australian and New Zealand markets.

To find out more go to or contact us at

Convini – Cashflow solutions for the real estate industry

There has been a lot of industry activity in the BNPY (Buy Now Pay Later) space and we are excited to announce our partnership with Convini. 

Convini brings you a suite of reliable, premium products with funding/lending at competitive rates to assist Vendors, Buyers and Investors/Landlords with their:

  • Property styling or improvements
  • Property marketing and Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA)
  • Early access to home deposit

There’s also an early commission payment solution for agents (and their directors), and a product to cover tenants’ rental bond.

Convini really have thought of everything in both the Sales and Rentals space and have packaged it professionally with the backing of some of the best financial institutions.  REIP members can access this range of cashflow solutions via a simple to use digital platform which facilitates credit checks and fast funding approvals. 

To find out more go to or contact us at

Sorted – Life Made Simple

We have worked closely with our new tenancy acquisition partner, Sorted, to create a ‘freemium’ product for REIP members that processes tenancy applications faster and easier – saving you hours of time no matter which property management software system you use.

You simply add the link to your listing marketing material or upload the QR code to your image reel for tenants to easily start their application.  

Automated processes within the digital platform include notifications to leasing agent and applicant, reference checks, ID verification and tenancy checks, shortlisting and document management. 

Your leasing agents and property managers can now provide a more efficient customer experience for your landlords and tenants. 

To find out more go to or contact us at

ListOnce – Website Powering and Listings/Data Management

ListOnce continues to cement its position as trusted experts in CRM-agnostic Website Powering, Data Integrations and Website Development for multi-office groups.  

They recently chalked up the very impressive statistic of processing over 6 million sales and rentals listings for their hundreds of high profile, multi-office clients throughout Australia and SE Asia.  Here’s a recent industry article which explains the relevance of that achievement and their specialist services: 

WebIT+ListOnce offers the following products and services to REIP members at discounted rates and with considerable value-adds:

  • ListOnce Website Powering via APIs – no matter what CRM(s), CMS and website developers you choose – as it’s all about ultimate reliability and versatility for you and your web devs
  • ListOnce Premium Multiloading – premium due to an advanced feature set and reporting
  • LOAD – CRM-agnostic Data Warehouse & Integrations platform (middleware)
  • Custom Website Development (not cookie-cutter templates)
  • ReportOnce – a simple to use web app that provides agents and their vendors/landlords with real time property listings results from major portals, social media and their agency website – all in just one simple Report screen on any device

To find out more go to or contact us at

National Proptech Awards

REIP is thrilled to be a sponsor and judge of Australia’s first national Proptech awards being conducted by the Proptech Association Australia. 

This is a not-for-profit organisation that is championing the real estate and property technology industry, leading the conversation on Proptech and connecting agents and good suppliers. 

Congratulations to Kylie Davis and her team on establishing the Association – we look forward to helping judge the award entries in the sales and marketing technology category.  

To find out more go to or contact us at

REIP Market & Leadership Insights

This month we have two new Leadership Insights to share with you: 

1.    Bad Boss – What do you do if you work for one, manage one or are one?

This is the latest book from Michelle Gibbings who is the author of three books and a global speaker. 

Many of us have worked in toxic work environments and there are times when you dread going into the office, you fear having a voice or being noticed.  It can impact your confidence and self-esteem and your mental and emotional health.  Michelle says in her book that people don’t deliberately set out to be a bad boss, often they simply don’t know any better.  

In this podcast, when we talked about toxic leadership, I loved how Michelle says, “toxic leadership can be contagious and it can infect people positively or negatively”.  We all need to keep in mind that ineffective and/or toxic leadership will impact staff turnover, productivity, employee engagement and client engagement.

Or listen here:

2.    Proptech Update and RISE Conference

Kylie Davis, founder of Proptech Association Australia talks to us about what’s happening in the Proptech sector, how to select a product that will work for your business and your clients and the upcoming national Proptech awards. 

She also shares an update on the important Rise Conference that will be held on 5 May in Melbourne.  Rise is about how to maintain wellbeing, mindfulness and performance.  The sessions will inspire, and the stories shared will connect with you.  If you have been experiencing stress or burn-out or are exhausted chasing goals that are ‘one-dimensional’, perhaps it’s time to RISE.

To book go to or contact us at

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REIP Industry Pulse – Feb 2021

Dear REIP members & friends,

Happy new year!  2020 was an extraordinary year for the world and real estate. 
As an industry we faced many challenges however we also pivoted and evolved quickly to embrace many new opportunities.  I am sure many of you are now deep into 2021 planning and budgeting with your teams and working in what we now call the ‘new normal’.
Post 2020 there will be many conversations on what the future of real estate looks like, however as you plan for 2021, I would urge you to consider the following:

  1. What lessons did we all learn from 2020?
  2. What have we implemented/embraced?
  3. What challenges will you face as a leader?
  4. How has or will your leadership change?
  5. What are the expectations of your people moving forward on things such as work/home balance?
  6. Can we create effective hybrid work environments?
  7. What impact has technology had on your business, people and clients?
  8. Do we need all the retail space we currently have?

Andrew Coronis, Managing Director of Coronis and REIP member shareholder, says more effective leadership is based on stronger communication and trust.
“As an industry we need to upskill our team’s ability to grow, feel secure and valued when you are not around day to day” says Andrew.
“With our people moving towards various hybrid work environments, we as leaders must learn new skills on how to keep the positive connection with our people”.
I agree with Andrew that out of all the challenges we faced in 2020, leadership must now be a key focus.  Globally, Directors and CEOs are coming to terms with this new normal, changed expectations from our people and what it means to how we lead.
Please reach out to me (or Andrew via me) if you would like to discuss any aspect of team leadership.

Market Insights Feb 2021

To listen to the latest edition of ‘Market Insights’ with myself and Tim Lawless from CoreLogic – regarding all things Australian real estate – please click on the following link:

You can find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify – please subscribe and share with your tribe as completely free and complimentary.

Michael Sheargold’s Agent BootCamp – REIP Offer

I am excited to let you know that we have secured a special REIP rate for this renowned, highest quality training program:  (including one-minute video)
This is an 8-week, online Sales Performance Program starting on 12 February 2021.
Michael guarantees that by just investing just one hour per week you will:

  • Increase your income
  • Get better organised
  • Hone your market position
  • Win more listings
  • Increase your sales
  • Develop your influencing strategies
  • Powerfully generate more business
  • Create better balance in your life

The REIP rate is $357.30 which is a 10% discount.
By me writing to you as a recognised ‘Industry Leader’ (and your previous support of REIP), you and your team are eligible for all REIP special offers and discounts on industry products and services.
To book, simply click on the ENROL NOW link on the website and use the code REIP21:

Leaders’ Summit 2021

Join 7 Powerhouse leaders including Martin Cooper from Harcourts and Gilbert Enoka from the All Blacks, on what they see as the path forward for 2021:
I look forward to also assisting with my topic of ‘The Key Building Blocks of a Resilient Business’.  I will also briefly cover some of the key objectives and projects of REIP.
Learn how to fast track your growth and build performance within your team from the comfort of your office or home.
The REIP rate is an extended Super Earlybird Rate of $97.00.
To book, simply click on the ENROL NOW link on the website and use the code REIP21:

REIP Initiatives

I will provide more specific information to you in next update regarding some of the key projects that REIP is working on with and for the industry i.e. Agents for Agents!
We will also be launching our new REIP Website soon, which will provide insights, resources and commercial benefits for you as an independent agency or group willing to support the growth of our wonderful industry.  Thanks for your interest and support.

Kind regards,


Sadhana Smiles
Ph 0403 271 676
Connect with me on LinkedIn:  

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REIP Industry Pulse – Dec 2020

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2020 will certainly be a year that will go down in history. Social distancing, wearing masks, you are on mute, border closures, lockdowns, moratoriums, online auctions, working from home and home schooling are just some of the things we’ve navigated this year.

One of my most enduring memory of 2020 will be the empty supermarket aisles and the fight for toilet paper.

It has been a year that has taken much from many of us and in some ways perhaps realigned priorities as well.

Many business leaders are now working on ways to balance working from home and returning to the office and it is great to see new ways of work being developed. Many of us have regained time with family, prioritised health and exercise and found a way to stay connected to those we love and care for.

Leadership styles are also evolving, we were given insights into our people’s lives, their families and this has given us a deeper understanding of who they are. Kindness, care and leadership from the heart is most certainly the new currency.

Black Lives Matter movement has changed us globally and I hope will continue to have a positive impact on how we acknowledge our First Nations People, migrants, diversity in our businesses, politics, community and overall conversations. A woman of colour Vice President was something many of us never considered would happen in our lifetime.

There were many dire predictions during COVID-19, however as a country we seem to have navigated our way through the pandemic reasonably well. The market did not go over the cliff!
I have now been with REIP three months and have spent much of this time working with various industry partners on innovation and services that we can bring to market that will broadly benefit agents and our clients. Watch this space in 2021.

One of these partners is CoreLogic and this month we released a joint Market Insights presentation that you can share with your teams and clients, and on your social media.

Here is the video link:  (an audio version is also available via Apple podcasts and Spotify).

Every month Tim Lawless and I will have a general conversation on how the market is performing across the country based on the monthly indices. Then once a quarter we will do a slightly deeper dive conversation.

Please feel free to share and utilise monthly Market Insights as extensively as you wish – with our compliments.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, I know that I will cherish the holiday season this year with my loved ones given we spent much of it apart in lockdown. I look forward to connecting with you in 2021 and until then, stay safe and stay connected.


Sadhana Smiles
Ph 0403 271 676
Connect with me on LinkedIn:  

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REIP Industry Pulse – Sep 2020

REIP supports RISEx – this event is a must attend for the whole industry

I am excited to connect with you post my appointment as CEO of REIP. I officially started in the role on the 22nd of September and over the coming months I look forward to sharing with you our new initiatives, opportunities and partnerships. 

Across the country we are all working through the impact COVID-19 has had on our people, clients and businesses. And through this crisis it has been identified that the mental health epidemic is impacting the real estate industry at alarmingly high rates. Sadly, many of us know people – friends, family – who have been impacted and from time to time have felt anxious ourselves.

One of the REIP pillars is about wellness and never has there been a time like this where wellness has been so critical. We are proud to support the RISEx initiative founded by Chris Hanley, Director of First National Byron Bay.

To view Chris Hanley’s interview about RISE and REALcare –

The first RISE conference was held in Christchurch after the tragic shooting where 51 innocent people were killed. At the time RISE was described as a feeling, a coming together, a conference unlike anything else and it was something that should be continued. 

A decision was made by the RISE Collective that a focus on mental health was important and investment was made into an APP – REALcare – for agents and their families. Little did they know at the time how critical this decision was going to be given the impact and toll COVID-19 has had on people.

RISEx this year is being held on the 6th of October; it is a virtual event which will see the launch of the REALcare APP.

To book your RISEx ticket and view the agenda  –

I have downloaded the APP, it addresses some of the major stressors like financial heath, understanding how to manage stress, what self-care looks like and most importantly rapid response for crisis intervention.

This is a first for our industry, something we all need to get behind and support and the best way you can do this is to buy a ticket to RISEx and have your people download the APP. 

Congratulations to the RISE collective who in the middle of a pandemic have built this app, a first step towards helping people who are going through difficult times. 

As leaders this conference and APP is a significant step in showing our people that we care for them. 

You will hear from me on a regular basis, sharing with your information and data that I know you will find valuable. 

Feel free to reach out at any time until next time stay connected, stay safe. 


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